Quail Run Expansion

Quail Run is vastly expanding, and destroying the habitats of various animals.

Location Coordinates : 39.957174, -86.278231

What used to be a beautiful forest, now is going to be filled with boring apartment homes.

A forest and many plants were destroyed in the expansion process. In the forest were many animals such as groundhogs. Also many birds nest's were knocked down with the trees.

Resources that are used in this ecosystem are water, sunlight, plants, soil, and twigs for birds nests. Sunlight and water are shared and the rest are partioned.

Abiotic Factors that are affected - Nitrogen, Oxygen, Soil for habitats.

Biotic Factors that are affected - Plants and Animals.

An autotroph that lives their is a mushroom. Its niche is on the side of a tree.

A heterotroph that lives their is a groundhog. Its niche is in a burrow under ground.

A predator/prey relationship is fox/groundhog. The fox eats the groundhog.

Herbivore/plant relationship is groundhog/vegetable plants.

Some symbiosis are bees and pollen and ticks on rabbits.

Importances - Many animals are losing their habitats, and plants are being cut down which lessens the nitrogen and oxygen in the ecosystem.

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Within a year, this habitat will be cover with apartment homes

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