Immigration, border crossings, equal rights, right to work, right to education.
Yes or No

by Intisar Lee

The immigrants from the past were of white ethnicity (German and Irish) who did not experience problems when they came into the U.S. The laws were more lenient at the time and setup to help until people of color began to cross the border. The Chinese Exclusion Act for a period of ten years stopped the immigration of Chinese laborers either skilled or unskilled. Further, it prevented Chinese immigrants who were already living in the U.S. from becoming citizens. We want to keep people of color entering our border now and the ones that are already here are being denied citizenship based on the government criteria. Race was not an issue for previous immigrants. With the change of migrating immigrants we have different nationalist entering and laws have been modified to stop them from crossing the border. The new immigrants, are labeled as a problem and are considered undocumented aliens. The immigrants help to boost the economy but the government has laws in place that stifle their ability to become a citizen.

There is a difference in time and the way race has evolved from enveloping people of color into the racial issues present. It is still racism at its best. Denying people citizenship, being deported, subjected to scrutiny. The 19th century's immigrants in that time period were Europeans who were tired of the overcrowding, the unavailable food, land, and unemployment. Many immigrants came here from Ireland during the potato famine in search of a better life. Others came thinking the streets were paved with gold and what they found was the streets weren’t paved with gold, they weren’t paved and they were expected to pave them. Once here immigrants tend to settle into their own neighborhoods not socializing which  helped bring the new racism. It has played a major role in contributing to stereotypes, prejudice and negative treatment towards certain ethnic groups. The difference with the past and the present is that now people do not want to admit they are racist or that they have problems with the people from another country coming across the border.

Because the media exploits hot news items about deportation, illegal immigrants, along with racial problems throughout the U.S. it feeds the public with 24/7 views. Most of the views are politically driven and are charged with just enough bitterness in order to keep the public on edge. The political topics that are relevant today concern issues that the president failed to deliver such as: protecting the borders, illegal immigrants who they typically classify as Mexican and the inability to protect the borders. They are not the only immigrants coming in the U.S.; many other countries also arrive here with the intention of living, working and prospering.

The politicians use the current issue of immigration as a focal point in their campaigns, then doing nothing once in office. There are so many ways to discuss immigration or anything else you want on the internet. Immigration has become a racial issue, based on how the government perceives the new influx of people don’t fit. Obviously the few have decided that they are coming to do harm and need to be stopped. Race, racism are framed by the media as a constant topic that needs to be monitored based on the people who are trying to come across our borders.

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