The Army Of Islam

Assembled in late 2005, the AOI is an Islamic Salafist Jihadist  organization headed by Mumtaz Dughmush with membership of  a few hundred

Some members of the Army of Islam

The AOI is located on the Gaza Strip in Palestine, as shown below

The Goal

The goal of the Army of Islam is similar to that of other Salifi-Jihadist groups such as Al Qaeda. Is allegedly to raise awareness for the decline of Islam due to the western people, such as what they call "Crusaders, Zionists, and Apostates" They also believe in Palestinian Liberation

Acts of Terror and Activities

The AOI has many attacks  on places such as Israel and Egypt such as:

  • The Kidnapping of 2 Fox News Journalists from America and New Zealand
  • The Kidnapping of British Citizen Alan Johnston
  • The 2009 attacks in Cairo and Heliopolis n Egypt
  • Allegedly bombed a Coptic church in Alexandria
  • The AOI also wrote a Eulogy for Bin Laden

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