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Specifically for 4-in-1 buckets
in the 1 to 1.3 yard class.

Recognizing that "4-in-1" buckets have the unique ability to grab and hold many things, including attachments, CTI has designed a revolutionary type of fork that takes advantage of that feature - its new 4-in-1 Bucket Forks.

The features of these new forks, include:

  • No welding, no screws, no holes in the bucket. The closed clam holds the forks firmly in place.
  • Rigid mounts - the forks don't swing or shift sideways.
  • Easy to operate - the forks are level when the cutting edge is level.
  • Easy on, easy off - No lifting, just pick them up and set them down with the machine.
  • Towers that are 37 inches tall to keep loads in place and allow the operator to see the forks from the cab.
  • Round grab bars on the towers to make it easy to move the forks on the ground or on and off a truck.
  • Safety chains to ensure the forks will stay in place even if the bucket is accidentally opened.
  • Attaches to the most reinforced part of the bucket - the cutting edges.


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