Businesses Taking Advantage of Online Marketing Companies in Mumbai

Online marketing trend has witnessed substantial transformation over the years. Considering its benefits, businesses are willing to hire one of the best online marketing companies in Mumbai. They are not only reaching out to customers beyond geographical boundaries but also ensuring a strong online brand experience at minimal costs.

In this article, we will be mentioning some of the online marketing trends that will be popular in 2015.

Content marketing

This year, content marketing strategies will become quite popular. Marketers will focus on creation of relevant content for enhancement of customer experience. B2B companies who have a blog are expected to generate more than 65% leads on a monthly basis compared to companies who don’t have a blog. Quality, relevant content will be the game changer in the field of digital marketing this year.

Reaching customers through mobile

With a growing number of customers browsing and buying products from their smart-phone or tablet, businesses need to be mobile-ready. Compared to desktop browsing, there has been an upsurge in the number of sales happening through mobile apps. It has become necessary for businesses to have mobile-ready sites, landing pages and campaigns to tap more users. In a nutshell, businesses will have to focus more on mobile-optimization of their brand in 2015. Businesses can select one of the top web designing companies in Mumbai that also offers mobile application services.

Boom in marketing analysis

Currently, various analytics tools are used by marketers to understand the pattern followed by customers in interacting with a company. This year, importance of these tools will increase along with the use of marketing automation technologies. Marketing data will become necessary for online marketing strategies.

Increased usage of videos

Marketers will start using more videos for reaching targeted customers with their company’s products or services. They will focus on showcasing through a video how a certain service or product works which is otherwise not easy to explain with text or images. As per industry experts, more and more companies will start creating ‘explainer videos’ to help more customers understand their offerings.

Personalization will gain popularity

An advanced company would want its customers to interact with their content and personalization will be the best way to make it happen. Many companies have been able to increase their sales by offering personalized content. It has also helped them lower operational costs and retain customers’ interest in their products or services. According to the industry experts, personalization is one of the latest online marketing trends that will surely pick up pace this year.

Visual storytelling

Another online marketing trend that will dominate the market in 2015 is visual storytelling. This will help companies engage targeted customers and communicate their brand philosophy in an interesting manner.

Companies will also start investing more in online advertising. Globally, the trend of advertising through the Internet is expected to increase by 10%.