Club Quinta Pat

Hotel and Restaurant

The Quinta Pat is a place located in El Zamorano in the kilomater 28 in front of the gas station PUMA straigh to the left in the first squre.

This place has rooms with bathrooms in each, 2 big pools, foodcourt and restaurant, discotec, mini zoo, cancha and games for little kids. The only thing that this Club does not have is a GYM.

The best thing I like about the club is the mini zoo, because it has 2 toucans and a nice and colorfull turkey. I also like the baby monkey because he is cute and nice with humans. 100

The food is perfect, the plate that I like better is the fried potatoes with tomato sauce and the drink, this packet cost 75 lps but it is deliciuos.29

I recomend this place for people that is going to marry, birthday and for people that want to RELAX! I love this place and you feel that you are in another place.