The Search For WandLa
By  Tony DiTerlizzi

The main character, Eva Nine.

Welcome to Earth, in the year 3057. The atmosphere is falling apart. The oceans are dried up. Humans are the last species left. In a desperate attempt to save man kind, the Sancuary program was founded. Underground, sentient homes were made. Mother robots, called "Muthr", were placed in the "Sancuaries". Then, there was the repopulation program. Fake, test tube babies. Grown, Homosapien Neo, babies. All fake, designed to be stronger, smarter and live longer. At the age of sixteen, the half-humans are realeased in to the world above. Flash forward to 4029. Eva Nine is happy. At the age of twelve, she is learning how to survive. Then, disaster strikes. Her Sancuary is attacked, destroyed, and looted. Eva manages to escape to the surface, and into an alien world. Desperate to fnd humanity, Eva travels in a dense, moving jungle. even though she has the trees to cover her, Eva meets a blue, lanky creature named Rovender. Sadly, they are captured by an alien named Besteel. They manage to escape Besteel on a creature called a water bear/tarigrade, only the size of an elephant. Will they escape Besteel and find humanity? Read the book to find out!

The story takes place in Trenton, or on the Hudson River.

WandLa's Trailer.


The theme of this book is "Never give up." I think this because Eva keeps searching even though the odd are greatly stacked against her.

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