Mali: An Ancient Civilization

                   By: Dakota & Rayven
                        Williamson & Brown

Geography: Mali is a landlocked city in northwest Africa. The Tropic of Cancer runs through the top of Mali. The Niger river runs through Mali which was a great way for trade and transportation during ancient times. The river provided water for farming and bathing purposes for the people. The river will flood and high waters between August and November which the people used to their advantage by storing the water for the dry times. Northern Mali is located in the Sahara desert which means that is very hot and very dry all the time.

People & Culture: Mali means "where the king resides" which means the king will reign for a long time. Mali was ruled by wealthy and powerful kings one example would be Mansa-Musa. Mali spread religions, customs, and traditions throughout west Africa. The government was a major roll in how the culture developed in the society. Malians were drawn to the city because they had more jobs to be given there like jobs that dealt with construction were very common to have during this time.

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Religion in Mali.

Malian Art.

In the Malian Civilization, the art greatly reflected everyday life and typically tied into religion, health and village unity. The used many mediums, but the main ones consisted of textiles, wood carvings, jewelry. They had other art forms that aren't exactly common. They also regard their music and storytelling as forms of art. The music and stories was usually about the ancestors and had a strong moral in the end.

Like other places Africa,  The people of Mali were connected with the spirits of the land. The also believed heavily in being connected to your ancestors . They thought this way because it was said that their ancestors made an arrangement with the spirits of he land which ensured that their crops would be successful. They felt that they had a direct link with the gods and their ancestors through their leader, the Mansa-Musa . He was sort of like their priest.