The Moon's Importance

                                                        Anna Scholes

                                                             5th hour

                      The Moon's  Role

       The phases caused by the motions of the moon around Earth; giving light at night. Tides rise and fall of ocean water that occurs every 12.5 hours or so.  An eclipse cause by the moon comes between the sun and casting a shadow on Earth. The gravity plays the most important role, like rotating and revolving. There is a "near side" and a "far side", near side always faces the Earth and far side always face away from the Earth.


       There is 8 phases on the moon. 1st phase is new moon which is a dark circle. 2nd phase is waxing crescent which is less than 1\2 lightening on the right. 3rd phase is first quarter which is 1\2 lightening on the right. 4th phase is waxing gibbous which is greater than 1\2 lightening on the right. The 5th phase is a full moon which the whole moon is lightening. The 6th phase is a waning gibbous which is greater than 1\2 lightening on the left. The 7th phase is third quarter which 1\2 lightening on the left. The 8th phase is waning crescent which is less than 1\2 lightening on the left. Phases cause by Earth's rotation while the moon rotates on its axis.


        The two kinds of tides are Neap and Spring. Neap is all the tides are equal; the tide being at a right angle. Spring is two sides being high and two sides being low. Neap tides occur on third and first quarter. Spring occurs on full moon and new moon. Tides are mainly cause by the gravity force from the sun and the moon which is causing the measure of high and low.


.     There is a solar eclipse when the moon passes directly between Earth and the sun, blocking sunlight from Earth. There is a lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon, Earth is directly  between the moon and the sun. During a lunar eclipse the Earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon. There is a type of a shadow called umbra which is the darkest part. The second type of a shadow is penumbra which is the lighter shadow. Eclipses occurs by the moon going into the Earth's shadow and blocks sunlight.


.                         The moon is important because it give us light at night. Life was created but those things. It cause seasons, like the climate. The moon controls the Earth rotation. The moon has a big impact on food production. The tides help sea creatures to adapt in their environment.

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