Richard Earl Peirson

By: Rebecca Wadler

He was in the air force in the Vietnam war.South Vietnamese and US armies fighting against the Viet Cong. Although officially deemed "combat support," there was no shortage of danger involved in these flights. Flying with the 1st Air Commando Group, Richard E. Pierson engaged in combat in Vietnam long before most US troops arrived in-country. Hid flying missions out of Bien Hoa from May to October 1963, Although officially deemed "combat support. Pierson’s memoirs are rich with details regarding the historical context and technical aspects of the combat missions he flew.

His Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

He served in many place such as California; Texas; Colorado; Illinois; Delaware; Florida; also: Vietnam; Thailand

Richard Earl Pierson was a famous air force. who flew planes in the vietnam war

His three adorable kids

He got a medal for the flying the air force

Memoir In 1963 he was assigned to fly combat aircraft in Vietnam. He was on a training flight to Florida, he was training to service a swamp area, were he and ten pilots survived the rigorous training. After training was completed he received a signed car and became an official member of Dix's Commandos.  

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