I'm Here


It's a friendly book, he flies an airplane, He used his imagination.

First he was sitting down and no body wanted to play with him, next paper fell on him, he made an airplane, he flew it, then he was using his imagination.  Last a girl gave the airplane back to the boy.  The girl was so nice.  It's like our program Be Nice!  at our school.

I would have flown the airplane to a pirate ship.  I would have read a book.  I would have painted.  If I was the b0y, I would ask someone to play with me.  I would find someone to play with and then find good friends.  I would play with my own toys (cars).

I would help the boy make good friends.  I would have shared some paint and water with the boy to paint a picture.  I would have asked him to play on the monkey bars.