How to Fit In

In order to fit in without any unwanted attention is by trying to live like humans, obviously. First of all, you wake up in the mornings because of your alarm clock. You will wake up at 6:00 to have enough time to get ready. After you wake up, you have to get dressed. You need to go to the closet to get your clothes. In your closet you have shirts, pants and shorts. In the cold you wear pants, when it is hot out you can wear shorts. Since it is cold out, get a nice pair of jeans, a shirt, a sweater and a scarf if you want. Now that you are done getting dressed you need to brush your teeth. Walk into the bathroom and get your toothbrush from the cup. Turn the water on and rinse your brush, put the tooth paste on your brush. Then just brush your teeth, to rinse out the paste get a cup of water and swish it around in your mouth then spit it out. After brushing your teeth, you eat your breakfast. Go to the kitchen and sit at the table with your family. For breakfast you can have cereal, french toast, oatmeal, or egg's with sausage. There is a lot of different things you can eat for breakfast, those are just the most common foods people here on earth eat. After breakfast, you have to go to school or work, depending on your age. If you have to go to school, don't forget to take your backpack with all your supplies in them. You'll need your books, journals, pencils and pens. If you have a job, then you'll have to take the supplies that are required and needed at your job. Once you have all of your supplies together, you go to school. At school, you 'll need to go to all your classes. In class, you take notes and pay attention. After school, you go to whatever clubs your in, if you're not in any clubs, you go home. At home you study, and do whatever homework you have. When your done studying and doing your homework, you have free time. In your free time you can watch t.v., read, or play outside. Around 5 you have dinner with your family. Family time last about an hour, afterwards you take a shower, brush your teeth, and set your alarm for the morning. On the weekends you hang out with your friends or sleep, whatever you want. Usually people go to the movies, the park or out to eat with their families and friends.

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