Durable and Functional Range Of Casio Pro Trek Watches

Very few watches have been made to serve equally well on rough terrains and waters as in a trouble-free zone. Land, mountains or oceans, the Pro-TREK range from Casio comes packed with a stunning array of technology that makes you perform wonders.

Who needs the Pro-TREK most? Hikers, climbers and divers...even the hot guy on the dance floors! But then again, it’s a serious, adventure-tool so you got to take it out sometimes. Don’t worry, you’ll grow that spirit once it’s on your wrist!

Tough, durable, water resistant, functional – these are a few words that gives a faint idea on how your Pro-Trek shall be. Only after wearing it you will notice what it is in real. You into cross-country long drives? Or into flying? Or, sailing? The digital compass will set you into the right direction. Are you the weatherman? The barometer and the thermometer are your thing then, but they are also for the flyers and the sailors. That’s why the altimeter – it’s a box full of every function and features an outdoor adventurer might ever need. They are also a high-style statement inside the club! Not everybody dons Advanced Sensor Functions and that too without compromising attentions to details.

However, if it’s not readable or comfortable to wear, it’s the money going to waste. Casio understands that and makes the Pro-Trek series thoroughly optimized on readability and comfort. The Seiko Kinetic Diver’s watches have larger, dot-matrix LCD that hides time display while showing sensor data. Casio’s unique Smart Access system makes that a breeze.

The SA system is an electronic crown-switch that locks at pre-set points to activate the different modes of functions in the watch. Pull, Turn, Press – and you are done! It gives a one-click access to tasks like altitude adjustments or setting the world time. Even the slimmest (just 12.8 millimeters) Pro-Trek doesn’t pose any bar on the crown operations while on the wrist. On top of that, there’s the Multi-Mission Drive in the new PRW-s that moves the hour, minute, and second hands independently to perform a large number of actions without any complication.

The most popular of the series, the PRW-6000 has an additional feature; it is the trend alarm. Any swing in atmospheric pressure – and the alarm rings. The Tough Solar™ is bit tougher in these ones; they can charge in dimmer lights. To top that, there’s atomic timekeeping (6-Band) so that your team’s time-calibration doesn’t miss a beat.

To turn things even sweeter, Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase takes away the labor of pushing buttons. Not many go cliffhanging at night but for the few who go, pressing a button at times gets very hard. Engaging an entire hand just to see time or other readings is primitive; now you just tilt your wrist a bit and there it glows! Don’t worry about tearing it to pieces; the carbon-fiber-inserts impart a high-strength durability to it.

Anything that got left out? Yes; the reduction in the magnetic sensor size; now it’s just 5% of its previous size but offers more performance. Continuous compass measurement to 60 seconds makes the new Pro-Trek watches more efficient for navigational purposes while climbers and flyers shall detect one second intervals betwen readings instead of the previous 5.

Analog feel; digital spirit. That’s all!