The Beginning: The Car
Invented: 1886
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      You may be wondering what a car does, I mean it's not like we all use them these days. Cars were a new form of transportation that began in Europe. The car really came along in 1920, but wasn't the only thing that was a new version of transportation. It shaped towns and cities with how the roads were built. Driving was an activity to be done on the weekends, most roads were built along scenic routes as a fun thing to do on the weekend. The car had made transportation faster and easier, cars then were made of an engine that turned the axles and the axles turned the wheels causing movement, I would go more into depth but who has time for that. Today there are many different types of cars, there are trucks, vans, buses, and plenty of other transportation just like cars. The car was not invented during the Civil War so it didn't effect that but after when the car did arrive it made transportation of goods a great deal easier and made business boom in the North and farms grow and sell more in the South.

Cars then^

Cars now ^


The car has been though alot of transformations and shaped the way America was shaped and built. It shaped how the cities were built in the North and how weekends were spent in the South.