1st Period:  Armon C, Xerious H, Lakesha R, Maurice T

Don’t Move

In this photo we see a police officer pulling over or searching three black men. This is an everyday thing in Chicago IL , in the Garfield Park.

A Different Point Of View

 This picture shows youth Chicagoan Armon Cannon conversing with Chicago Police Officers. They are not very well respected or favored by the youth and she wants to know why the police believe this is the case.

Brothers five

 This is an image of a liquor store that is open until 12 o’clock midnight on weekdays and 2 o’ clock midnight on weekends. The location of this liquor store is on the corner of Roosevelt Street. All ages of men hang out in front of this store everyday , selling tobacco and drinking beer.

Hanging Out

   This is an image of young males hanging out on Richmond Street, day and night, on the west side of Chicago. Young males in this neighborhood are gang related and plan to do bad things in the “Hood“ where they are from.

Abandoned Building

 In Richmond alley there is an abandoned building , west side of Chicago. No one lives in this building, but most drug dealers use this building to hide their drugs and other things that might cause them to go jail.

Let's Make a Change

 When I took this picture I was trying to show that something needs to change in our community. There should be no vacant lots in our community. In every vacant lot it should be replaced with some kind of building .  

The repair

This is a co - way building on Central Park and carol where there is no one living there and windows are busted out. I don't think they should demolish it, they should just start over and repair it.

 A Restart

  I feel as though the city should tear this building down that is on Roosevelt and Pulaski. This is a building that has been there for years and it has been vacant for as long as I can remember.

4 years later

This is a photo of an abandon building behind my house in Chicago IL, on the Garfield Park West side. The house is starting to fall apart on the back, windows are starting to break or are already broken and doors are bordered up. There were a lot of things in the background when I took this picture.

Neglected Environments

 As you can see in my photos. There are a lot of neglected places in our community. I chose to take pictures of these types of things because, once its published maybe someone will see it and do something about it.


 The alley on Sacramento was a complete disaster. There Were trash such as empty cans, chip bags, balled up paper, Etc. No buildings just empty vacant lots. This is a way an environment should not look like, but in this society empty areas only get worse before it better.

Just a Day in the Neighborhood

During this time of the day there were no cars outside, all you can see is trees and houses. I took this picture in Forest Park, Illinois to show how the streets look and how they need to get better.

Theme For Environment

We should b paying more attention to the environment and how it looks around you. This relates to how you can make your neighborhood better. Most people don’t feel like the environment is messy ,but it should not look how it look right now today.

Ice House Debris

This picture illustrates the aftermath of the ice house fire that took place late Sept. 2014. The debris traveled all the way on 13th and Independence which is on the other side of town! The picture features a mother and child dressed in uniform which indicates that the fire happened around mid-day after school hours.

Tarnishes “Hoods”

This photo was taking from student Armon Cannon’s IPhone on Walnut and St. Louis located on Chicago’s West side. It shows big debris and tarnished sidewalks with poorly mistreated grass and porches. Chicago’s “Hoods” are not cared for.

Roosevelt Bus

Here on Roosevelt Street, a girl board the bus going toward kedzie on The west side of Chicago. There where other kids boarding the bus but unfortunately, only one was left behind.

Green line Transportation

On lake and kedzie over 200 people board this train to get to school, work, court, downtown, etc. Every morning in order to ride the train, you must have a fare card to get on. This is a green line Cottage Grove train going south bound .

The Gym Room

I took this photo at my high school Alraby in Chicago IL. We see kids playing games and learning how to work as one in. even though there is a diverse group everyone cae together to win a game of dodge ball.

Summer School or No

Here is a picture of two students who was doing school work but they feel asleep in class at Alraby High school In Chicago IL, as you can see they started working on it but did not finish it. Here was a class full of students when I took this picture on the fourth floor.

Senior Goals

Armon Cannon is a 17 year old high school student at Al RABY High School who is very motivated and determined about graduating with all A’s . Here is her daily homework which she does after coming home from school.

Walking At the Pier

In this picture we see people walking and having a good time at navy pier in Chicago IL it looks as if they were coming from a show or college trip. I took this picture with a few classmates around me.

The Great View

This picture is was taken on the bus leaving navy pier. In downtown Chicago. In this photo there are people walking around enjoying the college fair and watching the boats, fairs wheel and having a good time.


Let to right, Brooklyn, Kennedie, Derrick, Erick. This picture captures moments student Armon Cannon shares with her little cousins, (girls), and her little brothers, (boys). She often babysits them and takes care of them as if they are her own.

The Lonely Shih Tzu

The dog came into the kitchen and sat down because he heard something or he was being called. This took place at 681 north central park on the first floor of my house in Chicago IL. The reason I took this picture was to show how an Animal can have a huge effect on a family.


Armon Cannon’s food choice is very unique yet simple. Here she includes Mexican food, breakfast, snacks such as hot chips, and Chocolate covered fruit, demonstrating her different styles of food. She even features a veggie dish.

Lakesha Theme For English B.

You won’t always find someone the same race as you, that you can relate to. Not everybody comes out to be who they say they are, but as the same point you will have somebody you will meet that see eye to eye with you and someone who understand you more than you might understand yourself.

Xerious Theme For English B.

I was told to write but not just about anything, write about me, who I am, what my purpose in life is, do I have any goals that I want to achieve.

My name is X’erious Hall Born raised in Chicago IL. I am a young African American who had to grow up at an early age. I am only 18 years old and have seen things that most people wouldn’t imagine. I See Gangs, Violence and Even Drugs; I encounter these on an everyday basis. I want to be different for everybody i want to go to college and make a living not having to worry about anything.  

Maurice's Theme for English B

My name is Maurice Taylor and I am from Chicago ,Illinos. I live on the west side of Chicago. I go to Al Raby High school.I am a senior this year. I grew up in a rough neighborhood.I have seen a lot and did a lot. But I am changing for the better. I want to go to college so that I can get away from the life that living in the city brings. I want to get out of here and reach my highest peak of success.