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EPiC Elementary . Liberty Public Schools . Fall 2014

Studio 4: Fourth Films Production Company

Studio 4's theme/lens for the year is We are Changemakers. This lens is to help students process and understand their voice in the world and is designed to help equip our students to be intentional in their actions, their ideas, and to truly be creators and solution-providers. Studio 4, as a learning community, explored this idea of change makers through inquiry experiments, writing, researching, music, discussions, examples, and more. Students wrote lyrics, learned real video storytelling techniques such as camera framing and editing sequences and produced their own music video to share their understanding. They also planned an entire film premiere inviting the community to share their work.

Check out the"That's Why We are ChangeMakers" lyrics HERE.

Studio 3: Writer's Workshop for the Modern Learner

Studio 3's theme/lens for the year is We are Connectors. They have discovered that writing is one of the most profound ways of making connections. Below is a glimpse into how Studio 3 is learning their writing standards through blogging . #realaudience

Studio 3 First Blog Posts:

Studio 1: Digital Stories

Studio 1, with the yearly theme/lens of We are Leaders, has explored the question of how do I share about myself with others in my new community? With a bit of EduSmashing (writing, sequencing through storyboarding, technology, speaking/communication) first graders at EPiC designed and created digital stories using Adobe Voice and opened the window for others to see who they are as individuals.  

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