I started dating this woman a while ago. I thought she was the one. Never have I ever been so comfortable with someone. We didn't keep anything from each other. Well, maybe she did keep something from me. A few months into our raltionship, I began feeling more tired then usual. I was working two jobs and living with my mom then. One morning on my way to work, I fainted and tumbled down her staircase. When my mom discovered my limp body, she called my grandmother and father, who raced me to the hospital. There, I was diagnosed with life-threatening pneumonia. But the doctors couldn't figure out why me, an athletic 21-year-old, had gone from being in top shape to being on my deathbed. They conducted test after test, from cancer to meningitis, and every one came back negative. I finally learned my fate a couple of days later. I was half asleep when the doctor came into my room and sat down next to my bed. "Nicolas," he said, "it turns out that you're HIV-positive."

This was a life changer. My whole world failed apart. The woman I loved, the woman I wanted to be with for the rest of my days betrayed me. She knew she was HIV positive and still never told me. The doctors said I was lucky since I was diagnosed at an early stage. The day after an HIV specialist visited me. He told me that I could still be saved. I could live if I took a cocktail of pills every day. I didn't want to live... I didn't have anything to live for. Hence, I explained the situation to my family and the doctors and decided the hassle wasn't worth it. The doctor explained to me what I'll be going through if I don't take the medication. He said I might live ten years with the virus before it really starts being a threat. I didn't care. After the clinical latency stage, it's on to AIDS. This one is the real problem. Once your diagnosed in the later stage of HIV, you're as good as dead.

Four years later, I started having a rapid weight lost. I was tired, I couldn't even get up from my bed. I kept sweating and having fevers. I even had diarrhea for four weeks. Four weeks! I knew what this meant; AIDS. The end was near. That's when I started thinking about the woman I used to love. I was heartbroken, but I decided to call her. When she picked up I couldn't even say a word. How could she had betrayed me. I hung up. I remember that at this point I was crying all the water out of my body. I still couldn't believe what she had done to me.

Today I have to chance to share my story with the world. How my life changed forever and my advice for you. Even if you're with your soul mate, think before you have unprotected sex. Your partner and yourself should get tested. Think about eachother. Do you really want them to end up like me? A 25- year-old who has nothing to live for? Comunication is the key for a great relationship and even saving someone's life.

np. nd. Web. April 24th 2015.

np. nd. Web. April 24th 2015.

np. nd. Web. April 24th 2015

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