The Maya

The Maya built splendid temples and pyramids and developed a complicated calendar as accurate as any is existence in the world at the time. The Maya were a farming people who cleared the dense rain their culture in city-states. Maya civilization included much of Central America and southern Mexico.

The map

Mayan History

everyday clothing

what did the eat

They ate a lot of corn and fish and berries , mangos, sweet potatoes, beans , tomatoes. They hunted wild turkey, deer, ducks,and others animals but this was the mane ones  

how many people lived in Maya

200,000 Mayas lived there during the height of the city power

how did they build it

they use same thing that were made to make pyramids relied on intricate carved stone in order to create a stairstep design.

what kinds of gods did they believe in

they had many gods but this god was The most important god was the sun god. However almost every aspect of life had its own god. There was a maize god and even a god of tattooing.

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