Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

K. Pataky

The Telephone- 1875

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone was at first invented to help those who could not hear like Mrs. Bell. The telephone helped with communication around the world because at that time the only ways to communicate to people all the way around the world was A. to go there to see that person, B. write a letter to that person, and C. the telegraph which was the dot dot dash of that time. With the invention of the telephone people could get news quicker that that of the telegraph and news spread a lot more throughout the world.

The Radio-1895

Gugliemo Marconi

Gugliemo Marconi invented the radio calling it the wireless telegraph because it had no wires outside of the radio. It was actually made to be a new type of telegraph. This made the news be broadcasted around the country.

The Camera

Nicéphore Niépce

the camera made it easy to take the first historical picture .

The Automobile- 1886

Karl Benz

Loike the train was a huge improvement to help move across the country.

The Light Bulb- 1879

Thomas Edison

Thomas edison made the first sinthetic light making it easy for us not to use candles in sted at night to light up the world.

The Steam Engine- 1712

Thomas Newcome

The steam engine was originally made to help trains.

The Gas Powered Engine-

Nicholas Otto

This helped the making of cars and other motor powered objects.

The Seismograph-

John Milne

The sismograph made it possible for us to figure out the times when an earthquack is about to happen or when.

The Diesel Engine- 1890

Rudolf Diesel

The desil engine was made to work with desiel fuel.

The Stethoscope-

The stethiscope was a huge invention for this time periode because it helped with finding the herart beat.

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