Dayveon's Character

I'm Dimmy Whoooooo

Setting:I picked these pictures because I Love shoes and clothes.Its a very addicting habit but, i also love football and dancing.Football has did wonders for me in life, and now its has became one of the main purposes in my life Sure enough, but everyday i dance.During practice,In the store,In the shower,In public,I just dance.All the time and, Surely last but not least im a computer wiz.Computers has made a way for me in life college wise and i enjoy every second of it.

Nemo and I 2014 Centennial Titans!
I Like to shop at the mall
Pair of My shoes!

Inner Character

Im very Goofy and outgoing person. I dont shy away when the pressure is on its just the way I am.I live for the “Moment”.I enjoy connecting with others just to know that there is somebody that has something in common with me.Im very Different and have skills in alot of things . I honestly think thats why i dont have problem with making friends or I really dont have a major comfort zone.Weird I know.

Weird Right?


Flexible.Maybe by a single parent like my mom because she has figured out how to get things that we want and discovering new things like what “nike elites socks” are.She just has to be very flexible and opened minded to things that as a family,We provide for her as she provides for us.

Pretty flexible


Shoes,Video Games,Computers,Football and Sociability.I Will choose a picture of something being Different because thats what i am.There arent many kids in the world where you can ask them a question like “What pair of shoes did Michael Jordan win his first Nba Championship in?” and then ask a question like “How many bits in a byte?” Doesnt makes sense its just Different and thats what i am.

Computer Towers were i would love too work.
2k one of my Favorite games.
Once again Go Titans.

Outer Character

My brother chose this Picture because he thinks im very goofy and weird.He also thinks im a guy trying to make someone laugh.Which i dont but, Most importantly He thinks Im not realistic.He said im like something out of a movie.What a Smart Kid!

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