Band Resume

Jackie Crowell

Instruments: French Horn and Mellophone

Education: In middle school I was taught by Mr. Mykel Rogers at Weddington Middle School, in North Carolina, and here in Williamsburg Virginia I was taught by Mr. James Patterson for 8th Grade. In high School I am being taught by Mrs. Cara Townsend. . I also take private French horn lessons with Mrs. Robin Felkner.  

About Me: I am from Charlotte, North Carolina, I came here in 8th grade and I am glad I did, because I now get to learn under the direction of Mrs.Townsend. I am going on my 6th year of playing French Horn. Most people play trumpet before playing French horn, I had the option of learning to play in 5th grade so I could start with French horn. I chose French horn at a Canadian brass band concert, to be honest I chose it because it looked pretty, but now I am glad I chose it because of the way it sounds. You won’t be sorry you chose French horn. I play Mellophone in the Bruton Marching Band and the BrutonParade Band. I play the French horn in the Bruton Concert Band and Festival Band.

Expectation: You will learn what you need to learn by when you need to learn it. You will have your required scales memorized.

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