Cozumel, Mexico

How much do we have to tell, Come to Cozumel

what to see

There's many things to see in Cozumel but the 5 most famous places to see are the Cozumel beaches, the coral reefs either scuba diving or snorkeling, Dolphinaris Cozumel, the Mayan ruins, and Stingray beach.

Top 5 places to stay

Villas Las Anclas

Casita de Maya

Cozumel Palace

Blue Angle Resort

Presidente Inter-Continental Cozumel Resort & Spa

top 5 places to eat

Alberto's Beach Bar Restaurant


Al Pie del Carbon


Carlos'N Charlie's

Where to shop

The most common places to shop are Plaza Orbi for essentials, Caribbean Diamonds for jewelry, Beatriz Cornejo for art, Exotica for clothing.

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