Anne Frank


"The Diary of a Young Girl"

Anne Frank age 12 sitting at her desk in Amsterdam

Early Life: Background

Early Life-Born: June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany to Otto and Edith (Holländer) Frank.

Background-Family: Older sister-Margot, Otto lieutenant in the German army in WWI and after the war worked for the family bank. The Franks were just an average upper middle-class German Jewish family living in the outskirts of Frankfurt. *

Rise and Restrictions: The Flee to Amsterdam

Rise of a New Power: Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany on January 1, 1933 and leads the National Socialist German Workers Party-Nazi.

Restrictions: Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany losing WWI, so the Nazis introduced the Nuremberg Laws-putting numerous restrictions on Jews.

The Flee to Amsterdam:To avoid these restrictions, Otto was the first of the Franks to flee to Amsterdam in the summer of 1933. * The rest of the family joined him in January 1934. **Here, Anne attended the Sixth Montessori school until September 1941. *

Anne's Diary

Anne continued her schooling when she received her diary on June 12, 1942 for her 13th birthday. * Everyday she would write at least one journal entry. She wrote about her views on Jewish laws, her moods, boys, and her everyday experiences. *

Anne was given this diary on her thirteenth birthday, July 12, 1942.

Nazi Invasion: Life in Hiding

Nazi Invasion-Margot's call-up: On July 5, 1942, Margot had received a call-up notice for deportation to a labor camp. *

The Secret Annex: Anne nicknamed this hiding place, "The Secret Annex." While living here, the Franks were joined by Herman van Pels and his family-Auguste (wife) and Peter (son) on July 13, 1942. *

Life in Hiding: While in hiding, Anne had a lot of free time to write in her diary. She expressed the conditions of the secret annex, her emotions each day, and made up many stories about the war and the invasion. * One entry looked like this, "When I write, I can shake off all my cares. (April 5, 1944).  The Franks and van Pels were in hiding for 2 years, not once ever stepping outside.

Anne called the hiding place "The Secret Annex."

Betrayal and Captured: The Last Train

Betrayal and Captured: On August, 4, 1944, the Gestapo discovered the secret annex after receiving an anonymous tip.*

(Interesting Fact: The police did not believe the Franks and van Pels had been living in the secret apartment for to years. To prove that they had, Otto showed the police the wall where Anne and Margot recorded their height.)

The Last Train-Eventually, they were all sent on the very last train to the concentration camp, Auschwitz. * For months at Auschwitz, Margot and Anne were forced to do hard labor. It wasn't until in October 1944, Anne and Margot were sent to another concentration camp, Bergen-Belsen. *

Bergen-Belsen: Anne's Last Days

Bergen-Belsen: Conditions here were even worse than at Auschwitz. * Anne and Margot had been staying at Bergen-Belsen for six months when they both caught typhus. * Both Margot and Anne died in March 1945, within days of each other.

Anne's Diary: The Influence

Anne's Diary: Of the eight people who hid in the secret annex, Otto was the only one who lived. * However, Miep had saved Anne's diary. *

The Influence- * Anne was always positive and saw the good in the world. Anne and her diary are a symbol of lost promise of the six million Jews killed by the Nazi in the Holocaust during the Second World War. Frank’s diary is essentially a story of faith, hope and love in the face of hate.

"I don’t think of all the misery but of all the beauty that still remains"
-Anne Frank

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