RSED's Digital Content Take-aways

Student Self-Directed Resources

Good For: Practice/study materials -- including videos, flashcards, online quizzes -- on various topics; adaptive questions

*Questions: Can you control grade-level of content?

Good For: leveled non-fiction and current events passages that have embedded written response questions and close reading activities

Good For: CCSS-aligned math and science instructional videos + associated practice (grades 1-7)

Teacher-facing Resources

Good For: G2+ Comprehension/Close Reading -- teachers embed questions, notes, and video into texts; students write while reading; can add texts

*Questions: Can teachers control content availability based on lexile? How does content availability compare to other products like myON?

Good For: primary source documents from National Archives (audio/video, charts/graphs, map, written documents) with description/context

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