Les Macaron

By Macey Shannon

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The first macaron cookie recipe dates back to the Renaissance. Its origin is debated in whether it was started in the Arabic countries or Italy. The word "macaron" comes from the Italian word "macaroni" or "maccherone". It was also originally called the "Gerbert" or "French Macaron". A similar recipe is used in cheese based pasta dishes, but by the addition of almonds, you get the cookie. The macaron is commonly filled with ganache, buttercream or jam filling sandwiched between two biscuits (cookies). The addition of food coloring is what creates the varied colors of the cookies. Many people eat these with tea or coffee and they add a light finish to meals. The variations of the cookie can change from country to country, in America a lot of people often confuse them with macaroon which is a cookie based off of coconut and almonds. Macarons became extremely popular in France. Some of the cafes in France have been making the cookies as far back as 150 years!

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Ingredients and Utensils

Recipe from http://allrecipes.com/recipe/macaron-french-macaro..
-Trois(3) blancs d'oeufs
-Demie(1/4) tasse du sucre
-Un et deux-tiers(1 2/3) tasse le sucre poudre
-une(1) tasse de amande
-crème pâtissière
-le bol à mixer
-la plaque de cuisson
- le mixeur
-la spatule
-la minuterie de cuisine
- Sac plastique


D'abord, les battent blancs d'oeufs, puis a jouter le sucre et les battes jusque' à finir. poudre et les amandes. Je vais melange ensemble. Jusque' à je metts la pâte lisse dans le sac.  Je la metts sur la plaque de cuisson. Préchauffer le four à deux cent quatre vingt cinq defrés. Je cuirs au four dix minutes. Puis je remplis avec le glaçage. Voila! Les Macarons! Je les adore!

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