Rube Goldberg

By: Mahzuza R., Arynn E., Christian S., John S.

                                                          A Rube Goldberg Machine

     A Rube Goldberg machine is a bunch of simple machines working together to complete a simple task. Our project contains six simple machines and fifteen steps to finish our task. It consists of a pulley, a lever, wheels and axles, an inclined plane, and a screw. Our task to complete is popping a whoopsie cushion.

                                               Rube Goldberg and Physical Science

      The Rube Goldberg machines retaliate to physical science, because it is incorporated into the machine. The machine uses simple machines and contains energy conversions. It also contains simple machines such as screws, wheel and axles, pulleys, levers, and inclined planes. When everything is put together the objects in the machine would go from potential energy to kinetic energy. A Rube Goldberg machine also includes mass, weight, force and acceleration to move everything and keep the machine in motion until the our simple task is completed.

                                                                         Our project

       Our Rube Goldberg project has six simple machines and fifteen steps. It contains  a pulley, wheels and axles, an inclines plane, a screw, a wedge, and a lever. It contains fifteen steps that lead a to our simple task, popping a whoopie cushion. It has toy cars, balls, tape rolles, and dominoes. Our Rube Goldberg machine is mostly made out of  cardboard, aluminum foil, and books.

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