Rescue From Within

There once was a day much simpler than now. When a struggling high school student risked everything to save his young son. The boy goes by the name of Ben. Ben has lived with his mother, but his father left both of them with dreams of bigger and better goals. Ben has always had one loyal friend, Audreigh who still loves him unconditionally. I am Ben.

I remember the exact day my son was taken from me and I thought I would never see him again. That day was June 8th, 1986 and I will never forget that date. My day had already started out rough, I failed an Algebra 2 test in my 3rd period class. I forgot to bring any money for me to buy lunch. In addition to all that, on the way home from school my 1982 Ford Mustang broke down on me 8 miles from home. I come to find out my car’s engine is blown and it will cost ridiculous amounts of money to fix it. Only to make matters worse, my son is taken from me.

I was in the garage working on something and Jameson was in the way. I called out to my mother, “Hey mom, could you come to take Jameson and watch him while I am out here.” So naturally she came out and started taking care of Jameson. About 15 minutes later I hear a piercing shriek. Mom came into the garage rambling on about how Jameson had been stolen from her. Soon she finally calmed down and she explained, “ A ‘gull came down and snagged Jameson right from where he was sitting.”

“Well which way did the seagull head off towards?” I asked. She had no reply, she just pointed in the direction of the great woods. Now this great woods is no ordinary forest Earthlings may be familiar with. On our planet, things are a little backwards fish, seahorses, and seagulls all live in the forest. Animals like deer, raccoons, and squirrels all call the ocean home.

Now after hearing the news that my son has been taken off into one of the most dangerous places on this planet. I had some decisions to make. Should I bother police, tell Audreigh, or just venture into the woods alone? I made up my mind after long consideration and decided I will try to be the hero for my son.

I only told one person about my plan to go into the forest and that was my mom. She thought I should tell Audreigh about the recent events. I decided since the risk of our child’s life was at stake I should inform her. Audreigh was out of town for that week so I gave her a call. “Hey, Audreigh we have to talk.”

“Sure what’s going on?”

“Well, earlier today Mom was watching over Jameson and a seagull scooped him up.”

“This is a serious problem Ben!”

“The ‘gull was headed off towards the Great Woods.”

“Ben, what do you plan on doing?”

“I’m going to save him.”

“Ben I do not want going into the woods”

“If I don’t save him then who will?”

“Ben, we will talk about this tomorrow and get the policed involved goodbye, I love you.”

“Goodbye love you.”

Now that Audreigh knows of my intentions, I got to work on planning my adventure. I will take one bag containing a machete, firestarter, sleeping bag, and a map of the woods. I chose to start my adventure first thing in the morning. After an awful nights sleep of pondering the fate of my son as well as my self. The entrance to the woods was 8 miles across town so I had to drive there. I arrived at the woods around 10 am. This is when my adventure first began.

I ventured into the overgrown and thick woods in hope of finding my young son. The deeper I got into the woods the more light was shut out creating the already terrifying woods scarier. I trekked deep into the woods and never saw a single living thing. That is until I crossed over an old rickety bridge over a deep crevice, that is when I found the creatures. I went very carefully through the woods trying not to disturb these animals. I was very aware that the animals knew my presence but they were not attacking me. After awhile I came to learn none of the creatures intended any harm especially the Seahorse I wrangled up. The sea horses on this planet can be ridden just as normal horses can on Earth. I chose to name my friendly companion bubbles and he could help me find my son.

It became very dark in the woods. I decided my first day of adventure had come to an end. I built a fire and snacked on some berries until I fell asleep.

The next day I woke up to light pushing its way through the canopy of the forest. Bubbles was still tied to the tree beside me. I mounted him and we rode off in search of Jameson.

As we continued on, we soon came upon a stash of goods from the town. We rode on and saw another stash. Soon there was stockpiles of goods everywhere and it came apparent when a bag of chips fell from the sky.

These creatures are trying to gather food for some larger animal. Bubbles and I rode on, it seemed to get darker and darker. I finally realized what was going on when I turned around and saw what light was left get blocked out. That is when I knew we had been swallowed by a whale. I stood there not sure what actions to take until I heard the faint cries of a child. So I followed the sound until it came apparent that this was in fact Jameson. I soon found my way through this large whale and finally reunited with my son. Now I had to defeat this giant whale. I took out my machete and began cutting through the wall of fat between me and the outside. I finally cut through and made it outside but this was not the end of the whale.

This creature was very violent and extremely angry. I went around to the front of the whale and began stabbing at it. This was very useless but surrounding animals realized my intents of ending the whale. Soon there was an angry mob swarming to attack the beast and suddenly there was an end to this whale. It was time for my return home, bubbles was not large enough for Jameson and I. We boarded what humans know as a stingray and it took us back over the bridge, back to the entrance of the woods. I returned home with baby in hand, holding on tight hoping to never lose him again.

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