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The New York university campus was established in the year 1832, it was then that the first classes were held in Clinton Hill by lower Manhattan.

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Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I highly recommend Bryan A. Yu as a candidate for a lab tech assistant position. Bryan has the ability to communicate with people effectively and can handle technology very well. He is the first person to go to when help is needed. He is always there to help and will go out of his way to deal and solve a problem no matter how difficult it is.

Bryan has a superb memory and has a very creative mind which has enabled him to find new solutions to problems that have been presented to him. Bryan’s amazing ability to remember different events and ideas have allowed him to excel in all courses and subjects pertaining to science. He can comprehend many different aspects in science and is able to analyze information. Bryan has a high interest in science and is always wanting to learn new things. He has shown in the past that he can adapt very well in different environments and will be able to work under pressure. While in highschool, he has taken classes in Biomedical Sciences and biology, both in which he has exceeded tremendously. Bryan has worked hard to improve his knowledge of science and is determined to successful.

I have great respect for Bryan, he has the skill set and determination needed in order to complete the work bestowed upon him. I highly recommend that he acquire this position to ensure that all goals are accomplished and all work is done. If you need to discuss any information concerning Bryan A. Yu, please contact me at (915)-123-4567 or at


Eimy Torres

Biology department chair

AP IB Biology teacher

El Dorado 9th Grade Teacher

Tel: (915)758-4825

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