Honduras Project

by: Tino and Austin

population:7,212,000  Capital:Tegucigalpa  Area:112,492 square kilometers (43,433 square miles)

this is a honduras island they only have vacation spots and scheduled honeymoons

Honduras's climate is hot, very hot and tropical. the average overall temperature is 90 degrees especially on the Caribbean coast. The mountainous regions are a bit cooler. Rainfall is abundant from May to October. Beautiful place to go if you like it hot.

Explore the vibrant, diverse culture of the area. Learn more about the area at the Anthropology & History Museum. Learn more at the Planetarium and haggle for bargains and traditional gifts at the Guamilito Market. Play a round of golf at Club de Golf La Lima or have fun on the slides at Wonderland Water Park. Discover the Mayan Ruins of Copan or visit the beautiful beaches of the Bay of Cortes.

this is how the people in hondurians travel from place to place.

this is a honduras casadia for food you can but steak, chicken, and rice.

Los Naranjos Eco-Archeological Park (Western Honduras): What exactly is an eco-archeological park? It is a place with both archeological remains and protected natural land. Los Naranjos is both a small Lenca site, with a few mounds that date back to approximately 700 B.C., as well as a great place for bird-watching along the lush green shores of Lago de Yojoa. Facilities on-site exist for both types of visitors: an archeological museum with historical details and artifacts, and a tower where you can relax with your binoculars.

this is the honduras travel guide

warning this is what the hondurans did  in honduras

this is where the hondurians shop for clothes,foods,and useful stuff

the country has a youthful population 50% of hondurans are under the age of 19.they have youth gangs called maras. the maras are said to have 10s of 1000s of members they use threats and violence to control poor districts in towns and cities.

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