DIY Jewelry Storage Frame


  • A frame
  • Hooks and screw eye hooks
  • 1/2 plywood backing cut to size
  • A couple screws
  • 1/4 inch wire mesh
  • wire cutters
  • stapler
  • gorilla glue
  • some scrap molding for the box
  • white paint

How To

  • Measure out the layout, considering the length of your necklaces and how many earring hooks you want
  • Screw in the hooks, staggering the earring hooks and necklace hooks so they own't interfere
  • Make a little box for post earrings and rings out of the scrap molding and glue it together with gorilla glue. Then screw it to the backing.
  • Paint underneath the screen area, then staple the screen to two small strips of molding and glue to the backing
  • Glue the plywood backing to the frame using gorilla glue, then paint the whole thing white