Persuasive essay

  Today there are quit a few people who are mean or rude. The world needs nicer people because think of how much beautiful the world would be with less negativity around. People should be nice because there wouldn't be a low crime rate, and there would not be a reason for all of these terrible crimes, lastly if you think about it almost everyone would be happy  

   The world needs nicer people because there would be a lower crime rate, and there wouldn't be any reasons for any crime. Also there would have to be a good reason why someone is willing to commit a crime/ take away someone's life. For an example, in the television show criminal minds most of the criminal do not kill anyone at the end of the episode. It should be the same in reality.

  The world needs nicer people because almost everyone would be happy. How? To some people, being nice to others can effect you to have a better day. Imagine have a better day everyday for as long as you live. That would be remarkable in some peoples eyes.

  However on the other hand people might get annoyed, mad, or upset. How? To some people they can only be nice/ polite to people to others for so long. They might not be use to being polite to others. For an example, this might start many altercations. Also they might get annoyed as listed at the top. No one can change who they are or who they want to be. You just will never no, until you stop and give them the benefit of the doubt.  

  In conclusion society should try to become nicer. This would benefit everyone because, there would be a lower crime rate, and there would also be happier people. Today yes there are going to be some people who are going to be rude, but try to give them a smile or do or say something to make their day. Whether its a compliment or a smile, you could be doing someone a HUGE favor.

Letter Of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I would like to recommend Karin Sanchez as a candidate to be apart of your theatre society. Karin was with me from 2009-2015. She was an excellent actress, assistant, and director. Also a get team player.

Karin was always prepared for rehearsal. She would stay after rehearsal to practice more. Karin was very helpful even if she was in a rush to leave she would stop everything and stay longer just to help any other actors, go over their lines. Karin would always have she lines down packed with in three days.

Karin gave my company theatre clip a very good repetition. when it comes to helping with flyers, props, or even costumes. Karin was always willing to help with anything she could get her hands on.

Karin will always be my favorite. And I have to say you will be lucky to have her working with you. She is a hard worker, wonderful assistant. Karin even put on her own show and even directed it. And might say she did a better job then I have done in my pervious plays.

yours truly,


Cover Letter

                                    Rodriguez, Valessa I.

                                      2174 Lazy Water dr.

                                       Candy, Land 76543  

May 18,2015

Adian A. Rodriguez - Head Baker

culinary arts

1711 Red Velvet Dr.

Candy, Land 76543

Dear Mr. Rodriguez,

I would like to apply to be a part of your team. (work for you) I have studied all of your books and tried all of your recipes. and I would be the best baker I can be. I would love to work with you.

I am a hard worker, I work well with other.(better alone) I worked with my aunt at her catering company (mainly sweets) I have worked at the cheesecake factory and the chocolate factory. I was promoted several times for my hard work and dedication towards my jobs.

I you have any questions please contact me :)

thank you for your time,

Valessa Rodriguez


Valessa Rodriguez

(254) 524-6436

2174 lazy water drive



To become a professional baker and open my own bakery some day.

2005-2007 cross elementary pre-kinder - 1st

2008-2010 Clifton park elementary 2nd-4th

2010-2011 Hay branch elementary 5th

2011-2014 Sun ridge middle 6th-8th

2014-2015 El dorado ninth grade academy 9th

I have worked with my aunt at her catering company for 2009-2015, called Sugar High.

I work good with others, better alone. I have a lot of experience In the kitchen and with a rolling pin. pretty anything with baking. contact Nicole Rodriguez for addition information.(my aunt)

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