Inca Civilization

Physical geography

location: present-day Chile, in the Andes mountains of South America

climate: southern region was rainy and cool, central region was dry, and northern region was rainy and warm

physical features: Andes mountains and Pacific Ocean


famous leaders: Yupanqui- lead his army against the Chancas

leadership structures: emperors-nobles-commoners

war and conflict

major battles: Battle of Cajamarca and Battle of Teocajas

enemies: the Chancas, the Tupis, and the Tupinambas

outcomes of battles: they won most battles


natural resources: gold and crops

trading partners: traded with themselves

trade items: jewelry, gold, and musical instruments


roles of men and women: Women worked in fields, wove clothes, cooked, and cared for the house hold. Men would get an education and learn to hunt.

education: women did not get an education,  upper class men went to school until they were 14 where they studied religion and government, after they graduated they were then taken out to hunt on their own and to start their own family

architecture: structures were build with heavy stone blocks, they built most buildings with a trapezoid base

clothing: women had long hair that they wore in braids, men wore loin cloths

cuisine: beer, pachamanca,and chile peppers

religion: worshiped gods and goddesses- children of the sun


Inca calender

Water Pipes

Musical instruments including wind and percussion instruments as well as drums and flutes

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