Melhor Time Do Mundo

I have this picture because Palmeiras is my favorite socer team. It is the team who has the major wins in Brazil.... so it is the best. I like Palmeiras because all my family loves it and I love it too. It has the most ligue titles in Brazil

In this picture there is a legend. He is called Roberto Carlos he played in Palmeiras. He is so good because he won a world cup and because of his free kick and his almost impossible goal. There was a probability of 0,1% of chance of doing that goal and he made it. That is why he is a legend.

I love soccer. Mostly Brazilian soccer.I love it because Brazil has won 5 World cups it is the major winner. For me they are the only country who puts all of his love for the sport. That is why they won so much titles.

Here are both of my idols, They are called David Luiz and Neymar. They are the best for me because they play as if it was a game to decide of life and death. Brazil is winning wright now because of this two awesome players.

This is the video that says that soccer can only be played by heart not by robots. Here you see how good Neymar and David Luiz are. You see there are lots of very good soccer players.

here you see how Brazil rules!

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