By: Ashleigh Burke

My 7th Grade Year.

Camo games:

winning's cool, ticks not so much..

#1 Camo Games: Camo Games has to be my favorite activity from camp. The objective of the game was based in the woods where you essentially played capture the flag while wearing camo gear. We won both games, but one of the girls in my cabin had a tick behind her ear from crawling around in the woods; our counselor used tweezers to get it off and threw it back outside.

outsiders' day:

jackets are acceptable when your with them.

#2 Outsiders' Day: For Outsiders' Day we dressed up based on the novel The Outsiders'. We did many activities with this novel such as kahoots, password games, and activities in Mrs. Krisfalusy's room to wrap up the ending. For outsiders day everyone in the picture above dressed up as a greaser.

Spring break:

Spring Break '15

#3 Spring Break: For Spring Break I went to Arizona. A few people I know that stayed in Ohio said the weather was cold. Arizona weather hits its hottest points in the middle of the day like most places but it was cooler at night. While in Arizona me and my family soaked up the warmth and enjoyed the heat while it lasted, but before I knew it we were back on the plane dreading the return home.

horseback riding:

model status.

#4 Horseback Riding: Riding has been a major event for me in 7th Grade. I advanced in jumping from 18' to 2'3. Riding is my favorite hobby on my spare time. Whenever I can im at the barn spending time and working. It's inspired me to work hard and never give up even when you fall you have to get back on and try again. The horse in this picture is Duke he is 10 years old and has quite the personality.

radio plays:

#5 Radio Plays: In honors language art and reading we did a radio play of our own after working with the radio play The War Of Worlds. We worked in groups and rehearsed and worked hard for our final result. I enjoyed this project because it was a blast into the past and we got to experience the past in a creative and fun way.

Middle school dances:

#6 Middle School Dance: The picture above was from the Valentine's dance. This is one among the many middle school dances held after school, typically held on Friday's. This made my to ten list because the dances have always been a way for middle school people to interact with one another outside of class.

teachers vs. 8th grade basketball game:

#7 Teachers Vs. 8th Grade Basketball Game: This was an assembly we recently had wrapping up the year. This was held in the gym during what would normally be our last mod classes. This was a game where the 8th Grade basketball team faced the teachers. In the end I'm not sure who won bu it was funny to watch the teachers test their athletic abilities.

image is superficial project:

#8 Image Is Superficial Project: For this project we were challenged to reading the novel Uglies. After finishing the novel with little annotations we expected a huge project, instead we were challenged to making the connections; between two alike, but yet so different girls. This activity brought out our creativity and our ability to make connections.


room allusion.

#9 Art: Art was one of my favorite classes in 7th Grade. Aside from the fun her class was my favorite project was the 3D room allusion. It was a challenge to measure to the center dot and get the lines correctly to give you the allusion of distance. Half of the time, I felt like we were in math class using rulers. This project required many lengthy steps such as retracing your final copy and then decorating and adding shadows.

Awards night:

#10 Awards Night: For awards night you were invited for high GPA, sports, and other extra activities outside of school. If you got certain awards you just stood up when your name was called and were clapped for when the last name was called off. Their were also awards where you walked up on stage and shook teacher's hands and received an award. This was an interesting experience because I was able to learn many things I didn't know about people.


Chuzzlewit's Challenge:

In HELA we did many activities in class which required us to think flexibly and make connections. In this activity we were challenged to really think independently without relying on the teacher's support. We completed obstacle courses which required our teams to work as a unit and independent activities where we had to collaborate silently or work on our own.  

kwal's prank:

During our fear unit Kwal surprised us all with a test, not a typical test more of a brain game. He came into class just like every day except he started frantically looking for his phone. After not being able to find his phone he started to yell at us and assign multiple page essays. After a few intense minutes, Isabelle made a few suggestions but he refused them all. Isabelle then started crying and Kwal broke and announced that it was a prank. I don't think anyone in class that day will forget that moment.

Core: Math

In math this year we continued in the common core book collection. As we started this year I noticed that we had to be a bit more independent this year, which has it's benefits. We did many posters and hands on activities this year which showed us how to problem solve and think in many different ways. This year we actually finished the book which was a relief because we were able to do some preparation for 8th grade math.


To the memories that will last a lifetime.

7th Grade Camp: Camp can't come close to being described in words. It is the experience of being there that makes memories. My cabin had inside jokes and shared many good times. One of the more memorable activities were camo games. That was my cabins personal favorite activity of the week but we also enjoyed the counselor hunt. Camp was an experience between having someone get a tick and cleaning tables after you eat.

La Carte:

giant snow globe? sure.

spending time with friends:

The majority of my spare time was spent with my friends. This picture was taken at a browns game in a giant snow globe. This is a memorable picture because of the struggle it was to get and the struggle it was to leave the snow globe after.


Study, don't stress and your almost guaranteed to make it.

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I like the whole thing! Poor Marissa got a tick! I especially the picture of you and your brother from spring break, it perfectly describes your relationship...

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