Industrial Revolution One Word Summary/Hailey Giboney/2nd Hour

This is what a Phonograph looked like.

Technology during the Industrial Revolution has changed the world very much today. The technology from the Industrial Revolution has been changed and modified to be bigger and better than it was then. An important inventor from this time was Thomas Edison. Some of his inventions were the electric motor, the Phonograph, and the incandescent light bulb. This technology is vital to our world today such as the electric motor. It is found in many things that we use today such as cars, blenders, and other various kitchen appliances. Another important piece of technology from this time was the Phonograph which was known as a Gramophone, or record player. It was used for the recording and reproduction of recordings. Without this invention, we may not have been able to revolutionize it and develop the 8-track player, CD player, and eventually iPods and MP3 players. One of Edison’s more famous inventions was the incandescent light bulb. This small piece of technology is almost essential for some. We may not realize how much we use the light bulb until we are deprived of it. Many of Thomas Edison's inventions helped us revolutionize technology today.

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