Escape From Death

Created by: Ralph bautista

map of ustralia

 Once upon a time there was a boy name Riney. He was so smart. They were doing a project on religion and he’s in a group for Australia. They need to find out the lifestyle of Australia, and they have a free ticket to go to Australia to find lots of facts about them , unfortunately his parents wouldn’t let him ,even though his parents didn’t read the form . his aunt came and said “are you ok what’s wrong ?.” Riney answered “my mom won’t let me go to a trip for my project” “why ”his aunt said . “Riney can I sign the form” his aunt said “yes” riney answered. “Be careful” his aunt said .they went and they had to go to six planes and the fifth plane had broken wings, they only flied for one hour . they landed in a forest , riney is the only one who survive everyone I n that plane was dead. His mom and dad didn’t care they didn’t even know that there son is gone. Riney was walking and along the way he found three path and the first path is snakes but with gold second path is food third path is people, riney chose to go to the third path and it took him four days to walk that whole path he, was asking people where he was and one little boy answered and said “your in Australia” . riney was happy not only because his project but that was his dream also. Riney found out lots of things in Australia and he also found out his mother and fathers secret, they didn’t sign the form because they were suppose to be in jail but it was fix by the law and it got fixed because of there son. when he got back home his parents were dead........

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