Application of Twisting Machine

Since twisting fabric is becoming more and more popular in the market nowadays; many silk factories want to do something to increase their productivity. Because of this, the original weaving equipment is not enough. structural fabricating machine is necessary. Most of the factories choose this kind of machine to help their production. In order to help customers to learn it well, twisting machine application is useful.

Twisting machine is made on the basis of the original electric torsion. The program of this machine is automatic correction that keeps all the products same. For this machine, the basket twisting mechanism can be exchanged with the tailstock of the original machine. To take apart the stretching slide guide of the twist tailstock, then push on the flower basket mechanism and connect it with the original power outlet to twist. Therefore the EPS sandwich panel machine can twist various kinds of products.

It's convenient to be moved and maintenance and it has less function loss because of the lubrication improvement. Besides, the gear section adopts rolling bearing, less resistance. Third, compared with same type cutting machine, its load power can be reduced by one third. Forth, it has good lubricating property and use the gear splashing to realize lubrication. Forth, this machine could be continuous work two months after adding 8kg gear oil. Fifth, spindle can start and stop on its own, which is very flexible. Here is some of EPS sandwich machine applications. This machine is suitable for unwinding, and twisted all kinds of lines, such as chemical fiber, polyethylene, plastic wire, cotton yarn, lawn line, cotton canvas wiring, tire cord, carpet twine and fishing net thread, as well as all kinds of PE twine,?PP?twine, Polyester?twine, nylon twine, cotton?twine, and twisted ropes in small size. There are still some other twisting machine applications. Our website will show you more.

Silk twisting is one of the steps of textile. According to the different varieties of PEB fabrication machine, twisting machine can process the strand wire into silk yarn with the direction of twist we want. By doing this, it can increase the strength and saturation of silk. Besides, silk's elasticity and wrinkle resistance is increased at the same time. Third, the air permeability of silk is improved. Forth, it can help to obtain a certain shape structure. Twisting machine has a lot of models. Different machine has different function. If you have any interest in our twisting machine, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with our best service and quality. Here is our website: