Writing journal

Songs is what controls our temper. Songs are hear all around the world. And what is for me, for me songs are a way to express all our feelings. For me perfect songs are those who tells you how the singer feels. Some of the singers just get famous singing songs that doesn't have any sense. Songs in the past were more pacific, now a lot of singers express what they really feel inside. Something that isn't bad, but the way of expressing it is to ugly with bad words, naked girls an example like Miley Cyrus.

Songs had change a lot they have getting better and more famous. Now some songs people doesn't sing is just a DJ playing with his instruments. I really don't have favorite songs, but I like a lot of them. Every new song I like it. The old songs are horrible I just like, like 5 or 6. The songs of the past were like just the people from the past like them. And every single person have different like of music some likes ones and other anothers.

I don't like reggaeton music it always talks about the same thing and isn't knew. We have to be honest they always talk about sex and womens I don't like that. I don't like music that talks about love well I don't like 70% of the music that talks about love. I could say I like the band imagine dragons and all the songs from john Newman.  Always a song express how you feel