2nd Period:  Deanna S, Tishonna J,  Talma A.

                                             On Our Way To School

This is what the green line looks like at 7:41 am. Everyone is tired and on their way to work, school, or home. Most people stand up because there's not enough seats for everybody.

                                                 City Year

This is city year greeting students as they come into the school building at AL Raby. City year helps freshman so they can stay on track.

                                                       Changing Periods

This is how it  looks when kids change class periods at Al Raby High School, some kids chit chat and some go to their lockers to get their things for the next class.


                                                        School Day In Al Raby

One of Al Raby's Beautiful Staff Members showing off her Beautiful Smile.

Trip to The Beach

this is Al Raby Seniors students at the beach to help clean it up and having a wonderful time .

                                                            School Project

8th Pd was doing a class project. Everyone was just chilling, standing in front of the school, cracking jokes, and waiting till someone come open the door.

                                                    Green Line

This is how the green line looks on Central Park and lake, People use this to go  places like work, school, or shopping. sometimes they park their cars here and walk to the train. The top of the Green line is made like a castle.

                                                       Girly Girls

Deanna, Destinee, Leanna, and Precious posed in front of church after a wedding. These girls are all related. Deanna and Leanna are sisters, and Destinee and Precious are cousins. They have always been the best of friends, blood couldn't make them closer.

                                                   Family Time

Deanna and Leanna are at a birthday party having fun with with their lovely mother, Aisha.

                                                          Brother and Sister

Talma and Amarii chilling during lunch in front of coach D office, taking pictures and cracking jokes.

                                                     My View

Looking outside my window this is what I see; cars driving, park, and police watch out. this watch out has bee here over sever years but we rarely see police officers diving around, unless someone calls them.


Chicago Police pulled over the car, just because it was a Black Jaguar. In East Garfield Park there's a 50/50 chance your going to get pulled over if your in a Nice car.

                                                "Stop The Violence March"

In East Garfield Park there was a March Supporting Stop The Violence. The neighborhood walked from Walnut and Homan, to Congress and Homan. Everyone had on Red Shirts.

                                                      Girl Fight

These two girls are fighting from Banner Alternative High School in front of the WICK Office. It’s common to see a fight happening on Chicago Ave and Leamaington at 3:30 pm. Students and local residents are watching the two girls go at it. While one person, one of the fighter's brother, tries to break it up.

                                              Cooling On Da Block

A crowd is standing around on Chicago Ave and Leamaington. Local residents and kids that hang around filling up the street and sidewalk. Everybody is watching a fight that's about to happen.

                                                       Memories Of My Friends

This is where my two Friends were killed, people put up decorations and pictures for them.

          Deanna's Theme For English B

My name is Deanna Smith. I am 17 years old. I go to Al Raby High School, I'm a senior. I have been here for my whole for years of high school. I have had my ups and downs with this school but I have stay strong though everything. I live with my mother sister brother and step father. We just moved around the corner from my grandmothers house about a year ago. My sister is my best friend we are very close. I spend my free time talking on the phone and watching TV. I really don't go outside like that because my mother is very strict, but sometimes she will let me go out with my friends.

Talma English B

My name is Talma Anderson. I am 17 years old. I am a Senior at Al Raby High School. I have been here for 3 years. I liked Al Raby when I got here, but I don't like it as much as I used too. I live with my Mother, Grand Mother, and my 3 Cousin's. I spend my Free time Playing Basketball, Chilling with Friends, and Shopping.

Tishonna's English B

My name is Tishonna and i live on the west side of Chicago where i grew up. I seen a lot of rough things in my life and in my neighborhood like shooting due to gang banging, gun violence and drug dealers. my neighborhood is full of abandoned buildings, torn up streets and parks that kids cant play in because of so much violence.