Edwin Perkins by  Mattie

The Life of Edwin Perkins

On January 8th 1889 was the day the birth of Edwin Perkins happened. He worked in his fathers store as a kid, and would soon grow up to invent a soft drink of his own.His inspiration to do so was Kitty Shoemaker, who would soon be Kitty Perkins. After meeting her he realized he wanted to invent his own drink.

The General Merchandise store

The General Merchandise store was where Edwin Perkins worked as a kid with his father and kitty shoemaker. He sold items like soft drinks and other honor maid products. The building his father, David Perkins, once owned now belongs to General Food Corporation.

Magazine Ads

When Edwin Perkins was 13 he responded to 2 magazine adds. The first one was how to manufacture prepackaged food. The other was how to start your own print shop. He worked as a post master at the back of the Hedeley post office selling "bluing" ( a chemical used to whiten clothes) and any other stuff he could make with his chemistry set.

Publishing the local newspaper

Four years after Edwin Perkins finished high school, he wanted to do something other then making stuff with his chemistry set, so he went to publish the local newspaper that was titled " THE HENDLEY DELPHIC".

Getting his business started

Edwin Perkins used a printing press to publish the local newspaper. Doing so, he met some people and started the Perkins Product Company.

"Honor Maid"products

after making things to sell with his chemistry set, the Perkins product company started making Honor Maid products, like compact face powder, lip rouge, and deodorant (which was 50 cents a bottle.)

Fruit Smack Complaints

When Edwin Perkins finally made his first soft drink, he was so happy.... but things went down hill fast. People complained that it was to messy. When he heard this he was crushed and didn't make anything else for a long time but he decided to try again and made kool aid.

Getting Kool Aid popular.

Edwin Perkins spent months-and months making Kool Aid and when he finished he realized that he needed a place for kind of like a grand opening of Kool Aid. he chose the  Hastings building on West First Street.

But before he could do any grand openings he needed to get the word out that after months waiting he had finally finished and he wanted everyone to be there. They all came and sampled the Kool aid.


When Edwin Perkins invented Kool Aid he needed something to display it in. He made a cardboard box and put Kool Aid in it. It became popular and he Titled it "The Silent Salesman."

But the Perkins Product didn't want to be known for just Kool Aid and made there onor made products as popular as ever. They made signs an even made a order sheet.

The Perkins Product Company wanted to really expand there most popular product and got  Kool Aid out to the veterans in World War Two. They put lemonade flavored Kool Aid in there packets.

The Great Depression

During the Great Depression, they demanded Kool Aid to be cut in half to 5 cents. The Perkins Product Company managed to do that, and they made Kool Aid for the kids and there family's.


In 1963 Edwin Perkins decided that he was getting to old to be managing the Perkins product and retired. The other members decided it was time to retire as well. Edwin Perkins sold the building, he managed Kool Aid in, to the General Food Corporation.

Edwin Perkins last wish was to be buried next to his wife, so they could still be together when he passed. He got his wish on July 3rd, 1961 in Minnesota. He died in a hospital after a house fire. His wife was already gone a he was buried next to her.

Years after...

Years after Edwin Perkins died this was what was made of Kool Aid. A big container with red Kool Aid in it and is famous for breaking through walls and yelling "Oh yeah!" Edwin Perkins will always be remembered for making this drink.

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