Tools of the Trade

Camile Mason
Period 2
Intro to IT

In the past two weeks, in my Information Technology class, my classmates and I studied some of the Tools of the Trade between teacher to student, student to teacher and student to student.  Below are some of the Tools of the Trade that I learned about:

  1. Edmodo
  3. Tackk
  4. Remind
  5. The IB Design Cycle


Edmodo is a free LMS (learning managementwebsite for me to contact other students and my teachers.  It is also very helpful for teachers to give quizzes and assignments to me, as well as a poll on how the my fellow classmates and I agree/disagree on certain topics.  I can also put documents into my "backpack" so I can access them from most places, if needed.

Edmodo, in my opinion, should be used in all classes nationwide.

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