Wind power Activate!!

What and Where

Wind energy`s source is the wind of course and it is found all around us wind blows from every corner of the earth wind is everywhere but it isn't always blowing. Windy places are either on the coast or high elevation.

How its Harnessed and How its Used

This source of energy is harnessed by wind turbines. A Wind turbines blade is turned by the wind this action converts kinetic energy into electric energy which is then stored in a generator. It is used as a power source such as for powering homes or company's.

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Different types of the source

There are not different types of this source but there is places you have to put them or they will be useless people mostly put them in the coast or high elevations were winds are fast furious and plentiful.

Enviromental impact

Wind turbines are a clean way to get energy they don't release pollutant but they do kill birds and the noises from turbines do hurt peoples ears now this is a problem because they are found on coasts and people like to live on the coast.

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Economic impacts

The price for wind energy is 5 cents per kilowatt hour which is considerably cheap in the US the economic impact it has is not that great in the next headline I will show you why its not but it does not carry any major economic effect.

How does the US use it

The us doesn't use this source of energy that much it almost doesn't use it at all as this graph shows the US probably uses less than 5% of its energy is from wind energy this shows the US and its pocket reserves of natural gasses and its burning of coal and fossil fuels is still dominating the chart.

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What other countries use it

Countries such as Denmark, Spain, Portugal, and Germany use wind energy as a major source of consumption  they use this a lot because of the major coastal sites they have the wind there is always blowing fast so the energy production is plentiful.

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