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Did you know Grant School needs lockers. Read my reasons why Grant School needs Grant School needs lockers.Think if you agree or disagree with my opinion.

Grant School needs lockers because the coats and backpacks won’t hold on the hooks. If they don’t stay on, coats and backpacks will get stepped on and dirty. You might not care if coats and backpacks get stepped on and dirty, but I do because one time my backpack fell and everyone stepped on my backpack and my bag got really dirty. For example, like my backpack, other peoples backpacks will fall off because there is no space at all for people to put there backpack.

Another reason Grant School needs lockers is because less things will get lost and kids and adults will complain because their things are lost. If it was snowing outside and you were going somewhere you wouldn’t be able to go because you don’t have your coat, hat, scarf or gloves. What will you tell your parents when you come back and your things are gone? That’s why I think we need lockers at Grant School.

My last and final reason Grant School needs lockers is because a lot more things will be organized. If things are organized nothing will be on the floor. If nothing is on the floor we will have more space to move around in. If everything is off the floor and organized it will help the teachers. If the teacher needed to put something away it will be a lot easier to put their things away. That’s why we need lockers at Grant School.

You might be wondering where will we put them and how will we get the money? We can get the money by having a fundraiser and we can put lockers in the hallways.That is my plan.

Grant School really needs lockers. If you see the classrooms you will agree that we need lockers.Together all of us can raise money for lockers.

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