Museum exhibit: Upright man

Homo Erectus Physical Description: Homo Erectus was very tall and thin. Also he had a round and smooth forehead his bones were very strong. The Homo Erectus had a jaw that always stuck out. He had a very thick skull and he was Ape/Human and he had a large ridge above there eyes.

Resources: The Homo Erectus had a lot of animals around him to survive by eating them and staying warm by using there fur as coats. Also they had stone to make tools to go get other things they need like wood and to hunt. The wood helped them build shelter it also helped them make fires to stay warm because if they don't stay warm they could die

Capabilities: One of the Capabilities was that they were very big. Also that they hunted in big groups. Which helped them kill more animals and by killing the animals they could live longer. Also some of the tools they made helped them kill bigger animals for example : stone axe, and finger size cleavers

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