A Chilean Christmas

By: Jasmine Jones

History of Christmas

The history of Christmas is similar to Chirstmas in America, although the weather is much warmer in Chile. In Chile they celebrate Christmas in a spiritual and appropriate way. Most of them are in accordance to certain religions. Their Christmas is celebrated in a holy manner. There are services held in church all Christmas Day. Although, nine days before Christmas is the actual holy celebration.

Santa Claus

In Chile children often call Santa Claus "Viejito Pascuero", meaning Old Man Christmas. Some even says it mean Papa Noel. As is in America, Santa rides a sled through the air pulled by reindeer. On Christmas Eve he drops presents in the chimney.

Christmas Trees and Decorations

AS Christmas approaches, families, friends and businesses get ready for the season by decorating. Most of families have up a generic Christmas tree and decorations. In some nativities families baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, animals, and the three wise men.

Christmas Food

In the late evening families get together to enjoy a grand dinner. Family and friends join around the table and enjoy each other. Typical Chilean dinner foods include: oven roasted chicken, turkey, or other special meals. In addition, a Pan de Pascua is a type of dessert that most families cook and eat.

Christmas Day

On Christmas day children are most likely outside riding their new bikes or showing off their toys to other friends and family. People will go out to their friends and families houses to visit. The day is filled up with fun and laughter.

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Good job Jasmine. Slow down a little so you don't make as many typing errors. A picture of a Chilean city at Christmas time would have been nice as well.