Have you ever had someone do something unexpectedly for you? Do you like to hear about people doing good deeds? You would love the Secret Service Project.

        The Secret Service Project is a mission/assignment where we decide kind and helpful things and do one or two of them everyday for a day for a week without a reward.

       The project impacted many people including strangers, my family, and my friends in many ways. I smiled and said hello to people I didn't know and that probably made them feel better. I also did things around the house and my family was in a better mood and we didn't have to do as much stuff that afternoon, and I did good good deeds wherever I went. These things had a rippling effect.

      The project impacted me by making me feel better. I also met some new people. The rippling effect the project had made me happy. I actually felt like the things I did didn't affect my time or anything. A lot of people do kind things to you when you do kind things for them.

     I think this project is a great for kids to do because things like this make the world a whole lot better of a place. Many people say there isn't a reward that comes with these deeds but there is. The reward is happiness, love, respect, and the feeling of being a better person.       The picture below goes to show that most of the time when you do a good deed everybody including you around you are happy.


               Secret Service Project

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