Choosing my project (Entry #1)

1) I chose the Rube Goldberg Machine

2) I chose the Rube Goldberg Machine because i've never built anything like this, like an obstocle and its really cool and fun to know how it turns out.

3) I want to learn how to make obstacles like the machine and learn how to make my way around difficult things.

4) No, i would not like to have this as a career.

Planning (Entry #2)

We know what we need to bring. We planned out where all the objects are supposed to be. We layed out everything.

Intro Research part 2. (Entry #3)

Me and my group watched recommended videos to help us get an idea of what to build. Now we were able to draw what we want in the machine and what to look like.

Entry #4

We built the first stage of the rube goldberg machine.

What you are finding out while doing your project. (Entry #5-#6)

In the beginning of this project, we were having a bit of a difficulty building the ramp, we broke the ruler. We built the first two stages.  

Up above is the picture of the first two stages.

What special terms do you need to know? (Entry 6 & 7)

We have a pulley and that holds string.

New questions and Information!
(Entry #8)

We figured out what we needed for some of our stages. We added the clothes line pin and a pulley. We got it to work!!

Technical Parts of Your Project
(Entry #9)

We are done with most of our project. We just need to figure out if it works or not.

Tech Stuff, Part  2

A problem we had was something with the remote control car. We were messing around with it and it didn't work for the rest of the day, so now we know not to do that again. We know we need to use it responsibly and it worked the next day so it's okay now.

Whatever I want it to be
Entry #10

So today my group mates are not here so I am going to try to make my stages work, mainly try to make the marble go down and hit the paper clip. (To be continued...)

So I made the marble roll down and hit the paper clip but I wasn't satisfied because there is another stage but I don't quite know how to make that part work.

Whatever I want it to be
(Entry #11)

We were thinking of switching one of our stages, instead of water pouring into the bowl, we want to make the marble go into the bowl. We were thinking of putting something in the tube, but it was just a brain storm idea.  

Whatever I want it to be
(Entry #12)

We added some cardboard to one of our stages because the stage where the water goes down didnt work, so we added cardboard to make the marble go down the cardboard & into the bowl. And it works.. Sometimes..

Whatever i want it to be
Entry #13

We have a problem with the ball going down the ramp and we took off the duck tape, and we added another one so i hope it works. We added a picture of our machine down below. We've made all the changes needed. Our goal is to make the ball go into the bowl.

Am i done with this epic project?
Entry #14

I learned that the marble wouldn't be the best option to go into the bowl because we are having a lot of trouble with the marble falling off the ruler. So now we are using a bouncy ball.

Entry #15

Is my first Model/Machine good or do i need to modify its design?

I am not completley done with the Rube Goldberg machine because we didn't quite get it to work yet.

Entry #16


We had two rolling stages and now we have to completely change our project.

Entry #17-ish

We changed it, we took out the cardboard and added a zipline string pulley type of thing and we got it to work!!

(Entry #18)

My project was a bit more difficult than i expected it to be. It was a little bit of fun, but it took a lot of work and effort to make it to work. I learned that building a Rube Goldberg machine isn't as hard OR easy as you thought it would be. It is in between. Our project turned out different than i expected it to be. I don't really want this to be a hobby, but i might want it to be a little fun activity to do with my family because i would be busy everyday and i like having some free time or time to myself. No, i don't really wish that a chose a different project because i'm glad i got to work with the people i worked with and it turned out better than i expected it to be in the end. Our machine didn't work like a thought it should because we had two rolling stages and we didn't even pay attention to that fact but we took out one of the rolling stages  and added a zipline and we were successful. As my teacher said, the project isn't really done, it's just as far as we want it to be.  

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2 years ago

Cool. Rube Goldberg machines are cool and fun to make.