The Mural

At the School for Creative Studies

After months of researching and brainstorming ideas, it's finally time to begin the mural-painting process!

In this Tackk site, I will walk through all the steps the Intermediate Art group took in order to create a super epic masterpiece!

I think we're ready...


When we first started, there was just a blank wall with an unused tack-board on it. We removed the tack-board, taped up butcher-paper, and began to sketch ideas on the wall.

It didn't look like much at first, but after some changes and additions, it began to look ready for painting.

Getting better 'nd better!

Paint dat wall!

The painting begins! Basic colours applied first, before any distinct details can be added. This stage is one of the most important parts, because this is when we decided what to put where, and if things looked good where and how they are on the wall.

Beginning to add colour, and pasting up book pages for textured painting surfaces.

Almost done!

Finished it, yo!


In this stage, we added detail to the mural everywhere we could. In the section shown above, we added detailed shading to the bulb, adding some blue and violet in the darker areas, and white in the lighter areas.

The griffin is given a blue-ish green-ish hue, with a feather pattern being experimented with (that took forever and a day to get right). The dragon was given a  dark red eye and the flames have been given an amazing variety of colours. The blue paint in the upper right-hand corner was given a colour range from navy to sky. The white highlights also make the paint drips look more three-dimensional.

Thank you, Everyone!


As final details are being added, everything is being made more 3D. The faces have been given a whole lot more shading to them, and they look so much more realistic. The crumbling book page was given light and dark highlights, and this makes it look very realistic and 3D.

All the colours of the underlying book pages make it seem very surreal, and the mural now makes your eyes move about the piece. I am proud of the work that the other students and I have created.


The mural we created with Fausto has a ton of different parts to it. I painted the rainbow bubbles, the left orange bulb, the dragon's flaming breath, parts of the large book, and the paint pouring from the cans.

The message I want this mural to convey is that creativity can create wonderful things.

I think this mural is important because it is in a location where many people will see it, and maybe get inspired to be creative.

I would like to thank everyone for the enormous amount of support while we were making the mural!

I would like to thank Mr. Fausto for working with us and showing us the mural-making process!

I would like to thank Miss Wolf for helping us with everything and being an awesome art teacher!

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