The Four Ps of Team Fortress 2

By: Nora Finney

The classes of Team Fortress 2.

The video game Team Fortress 2 was developed by Valve, the company behind games like Portal and Half Life. This game is a first person shooter with a cast of colorful characters that fight against each other. Each team has the same classes, but the team colors are different. The teams are divided into the RED and BLU teams. It was originally part of the Orange Box, a set of three games, Portal, Half Life, and Team Fortress 2, but is now free to play on PC. Some elements will cost you though. Not only did putting this game in the Orange Box help it's sales, but it's art style and sense of humor helped it stand out from other first person shooter games on the market. You could purchase the game from a store via the Orange Box, or you could download it for free on Steam. People who are interested in this product are gamers who want to add a new game to their library.

Product: Team Fortress 2, a video game.

Price: Now free to play on Steam, but some elements will cost you.

Place: Steam, and online program that allows you to buy and download games.

Promoted: Shown at E-3 a few years before it came out, sold with the Orange Box, Free to play.

Included below is the main theme of the game, and a series of videos that introduce you to the classes that you can play as. (Please note that some may find the Meet The videos offensive. Watch at your own risk.)

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