Cell Analogy

How a animal cell is like a Mall
By: Brady Graves and Tony Gomez

The Cell membrane is like a mall cop. It regulates what go's in and out of the mall and stop threatening things from getting in.

The Cytoplasm is like the shops in the mall. It fills up the space between things.

The mitochondria in a cell is like the power transformer. It is like the mitochondria because it powers the mall.

The Nucleus is like the information desk at a mall. It receives and sends information all throughout the mall.

The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like the shoppers. It fills up the space not occupied by other things.

The ribosomes are like the food courts. They make food like the ribosomes make proteins

The Golgi Apparatus is like the manufactures. The Golgi Apparatus package the proteins and send them out to be used, like how manufactures label products for others to use

The Lysosomes is like the trash cans in a mall. It gets rid of all of the unused or useless proteins in the cell, Like how a trashcan gets rid of all of the trash around the mall.

The Peroxisomes is like the air conditioning in a mall. it breaks down poisonous peroxide produced by body functions. Like how the air conditioning get rid of all of the harmful things in the air at the mall.

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